Growing edges.  You know, I want to continue to be all that I can be, or at least most of what I could be.  Well, at least I say that.  And the “growing edge” is the faintest glimmer of awareness of what that next step for me could be.

Growing edges.  You know, those are the places that others seem to leap toward, with a smile on their face, no hesitation, and ultimately achieving a success that brings my awed admiration and envy.  Other people seem to be better at their growing edges than I am.

Growing edges.  You know, those places I say I want to go, but when I get to the end of the diving board, I shake, and slowly step back until I reach the ladder and carefully recoil to my safety zone.

Growing edges.  You know, the challenges that Life sends me.  Often I hadn’t asked for it.  Initially, I feel more disgruntled than appreciative.  Oh, yes, and that awareness makes me realize the growing edges are also embedded in the circumstance.  Not only do I have to grow to manage the situation; I also have the challenge of being grateful for what I don’t want.

Wonderful growing edges.


copyright © Susan Alley

All rights reserved

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